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Career Awards Competition - Woodwinds

The Career Awards Competition is held annually in rotating categories of Music, Dance, Drama, and Musical Theatre.  Contestants must be residents of Virginia (south of Fredericksburg) or North Carolina, or attend colleges or universities in these areas. The first place winner at the chapter level competes in the National Finals, offering the potential to be placed first with an award of $12,000. In addition to such substantial financial rewards, the competition offers extensive opportunities for networking with other artists.  In addition, an integral part of the national competition is the masterclass conducted by renowned judges in each art category.  Opportunities for one-on-one sessions and encouraging critiques of each contestant are offered.

The National Society for Arts and Letters (NSAL) invites young Artists in Woodwinds to participate in the 2018 National Career Competition

Virginia/North Carolina are not holding a Chapter competition for this event this year.